Before you book, please check you have all the necessary details collected.

There’s currently three methods available for booking:

1) Let shipper handle it (import only)
Easiest way to handle your import bookings is letting shipper do all the work. Just request contact details from our operations, pass them on to shipper and ask them to contact our agent when cargo is ready. We take care of the rest.

2) Send us email
You can always book the shipment by just sending us email. If you have received spot quote for your shipment, easiest way is to continue the booking to same email thread. Just change the recipient from sales to operations, add possible missing information and tell you want to book. This way you don’t need to rewrite most of the information and rates can be easily found. Our target for “maximum first response time” is 4 working hours (Mon-Fri, 8-16) to confirm we have received your booking. We always confirm bookings, please call us if you didn’t receive confirmation within 24h!

When you book by email, include following information:
-Transport mode (sea, air, etc)
-Origin or destination (port/airport if FOB/CFR, exact address if EXW/DAP)
-Contact details (name+email+phone) for shipper/consignee
-Pickup/delivery address in Finland
-Cargo details (weight, volume, number of outer packages, dimensions)
Possible documents (MSDS, commercial invoice, packing lists etc)
-Possible extra requirements or requests (tailgate, insurance, tracking, etc)
-Cargo readiness date
-BL status (original or released) (export only)

3) Book online
You can also book using our online tracking portal. Just log in, click “Create new booking” and fill the form. It shouldn’t take more than couple minutes. If you book online, your booking will appear immediately on your shipment list. You will always receive confirmation, please call us if you haven’t! You will receive booking confirmation within 4 working hours.


We offer online tracking tool for all customers free of charge. You can log in by choosing CLIENT LOGIN from top menu and logging in with credentials you can ask from our sales or operations.

As soon as you log in, you will see list of your 25 latest shipments (more by changing page) regardless of transport mode. Last shipment arriving is always on top. First page will show ETA and allows you to search with your own reference numbers.

Shipment-view allows you to track the shipment or vessel location with various methods, send and view files (like commercial invoice for clearance), give feedback and make notes.