Checking the goods
1) When your shipment arrives, count all packages and compare to information on waybill.
2) Check outer packages for visible damages. Mark missing or damaged packages on waybill and ask driver to sign.
3) Take photos of all visible damages.
4) Unpack the packages and check all goods for damages. Take photos of everything!
5) Identify each item that is damaged or missing. Mark findings on packing list and commercial invoice.
6) Weigh damaged items and mark weights on packing list, if not marked already.
7) Estimate cost caused by damage per item and mark it on packing list and commercial invoice.
8) Estimated cost can’t exceed the item value in commercial invoice. Possibility of repairing the goods will be taken into account.

Reporting the damages
1) As soon as you notice anything missing or damaged, let us know by email!
2) Visible damages has to be notified immediately upon receipt, non-visible damages within 7 calendar days.
3) If notice is not given in time, the burden of proving who caused the damages will rest on the customer.
4) Actual notice of claim (official reclamation) has to be sent within 14 days from the day damage/loss was noticed.
5) If notice of claim is not given in time, the customer has lost his right to claim.
6) Even if time limit has passed, it’s still recommended to report any damages, so we can try to avoid similar issues in future.

Notice of claim (official reclamation)
1) Use your company’s official letter template. Date and sign the document. Remember to include our shipment ref number.
2) Desribe in detail all damages, when you noted them and how the damages effect on item’s value.
3) Attach copy of commercial invoice and packing list, where you have marked which items are concerned.
4) Attach copy of waybill, if damages were noted on arrival.
5) Attach all images (without compression!) you have taken.
6) Send the whole package by email to

1) PFC will investigate the case and find out when and how the damage/loss has occurred. This might take some time.
2) PFC’s general terms and NSAB general conditions are applied when considering the liability and compensation.
3) In NSAB conditions, freight forwarder liability is limited to SDR 8,33 per damaged/lost kg (gross).
4) Loss of profit or any other second hand loss is not compensated.

1) When investigation is finished, you will be notified by email about our decision and our offer for compensation
2) Answer by email if you accept or reject our decision. If you reject, please specify the reason.
3) If agreement can’t be reached, dispute will be resolved in District Court of Helsinki.
4) When the agreement has been reached, you will receive credit note for the compensated amount.
5) If you have already paid our invoice and are not planning to use our services in future, please send your account number.