Terms and conditions

1. Rates
Rates are valid for sea/airwothy packed, non-hazardous, stackable and containerisable cargo.
Sea freight: Sea LCL freight: Max length 580cm, max height 220cm, max width 225cm, max weight 3000kg per pallet and 10 000kg per shipment.
Rail LCL freight: Max length 300cm, max height 180cm, max width 200cm, max weight 4000kg per pallet and 10 000kg per shipment.
Air freight: Max weight and dimensions depend on chosen airline. Please contact sales.fi@pfc-nordic.com for more information.
All import rates are based on freight term FOB (origin port) and export rates on CFR (destination port), unless otherwise mentioned.
All kinds of local charges at both ends are excluded, unless otherwise mentioned.
Freight rates include all freight surcharges, unless otherwise mentioned.
Rates are subject to PSS and GRI.
Rates are subject to approval of PFC and its subcontractors.
All shipments go via Helsinki port/airport.

2. Units
Chargeable weight for air freight: 1cbm = 167kg
Chargeable weight for rail freight: 1cbm = 500kg
Chargeable weight for sea freight: 1cbm = 1000kg
Chargeable weight for inland trucking: 1cbm = 333kg

3. Terms of payment
7 days net from date of invoice or according to separate agreement, unless otherwise agreed.
Penal interest is 7%.
Currency in invoices is EUR, unless otherwise agreed.
Exchange rates are based on ETA or invoice date, which ever comes first.

4. Dangerous cargo, food stuff, tobacco, alcohol and personal effects
Please check rate validity separately from sales.fi@pfc-nordic.com

5. Non-packed, heavy and over sized cargo
Please check rate validity separately from sales.fi@pfc-nordic.com

6. Storage charges
Air freight: 1 working day after unloading day
Sea & rail freight: 3 working days free after unloading day.
When free time exceeds, rent is counted from first day after unloading day.

7. Other
All shipments are under NSAB 2015 (http://www.huolintaliitto.fi/media/nsab_2015_eng.pdf)
All freight terms mentioned are based on Incoterms 2010 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incoterms)
PFC reserves right to refuse service at any time, if cargo is not yet accepted for transportation.